We’re Creating Asteroid Arena! – A New CCG and App

Here at Changing Vegas, we’re creating ASTEROID ARENA! – Vegas-style!

It’s a new CCG that will become the next E-Sports sensation. It will be a board game, a video game, and a casino game.

We invite you to participate.

We launched our Twitch channel as we began to develop Asteroid Arena! Check it out here: https://www.twitch.tv/changingvegas

Learn what it takes to bring a CCG to market… and get in on the ground floor as we take the steps necessary to raise the funds.

Now’s the time to show our creativity, innovation, and resilience!

The Changing Vegas Office Is Virtual – in the Steam Punk-inspired Game Development and Film Studio we built in our home in Dec. 2020.

If you want to collaborate or discuss a joint venture, email susan – at – changing.vegas.


Dave and Susan

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