What It Takes To Be A Craps Dealer in Vegas

I thought this would be a good time to let aspiring casino dealers know what to expect as a craps dealer in Vegas. My goal is to give you a sense of what it takes to excel in this game, and help you make the decision if you’re on the fence about learning or curious about becoming a dealer. In the interest of keeping this article somewhat short, there are two major things to know.

Good craps dealers are a dying breed; you can use this as an opportunity to stand out.

There is a lot of depth to craps when compared to every other table game in the casino.


Just by watching a live game, it’s easy to tell that there’s a massive skill gap between dedicated craps dealers and those that just go through the motions. Hiring standards for this game are much less strict than they were 20 years ago, so what once was the pinnacle of the game you strive to master as a table games dealer is nowadays generally viewed as just another table to fill by casino owners.

That being said, connections are still king in this business, and these old-school casino managers and pit bosses still remember and respect skilled craps dealers as much as they did in the past. This is the case right now, as these lesser hiring standards have made stellar craps dealers much rarer than they were in the past. You can take advantage of this, and a mastery of craps will showcase your dealing, problem solving, and customer service skills better than any other game in the casino.

Technical skill is super important, but communication is king.

On a standard table, 16 players can be on the table at a time. As a craps dealer, you are expected to protect the game, keep track of bets, know all of the different payout, move the game along quickly with good coordination, double check your crew’s bets when they need help, and at the same time keep some of the most superstitious players you’ll ever meet in your life happy and betting. Though this is a daunting task without months or years of practice, being able to handle yourself under pressure and communicate while all of this is going on is an essential, an often overlooked, skill of a great dice dealer.

You have to be able to take criticism, and handle rough situations with grace. That last point in particular is super important, as your attitude and think skin are your most important assets with this game.


Anybody can learn the payouts and coordination with practice, but developing your style, attitude, and personality while on the game will help you make more money, make your supervisors job a lot easier, and give you the skills to handle tough situations when players or co-workers are giving you a hard time.

Overall, craps is super exciting, challenging, and my personal favorite game to play and deal. It’s a game where you can continue to develop your skills, even years after learning, and some of the old-school craps dealers are the funniest and most talented people you’ll meet in the entire industry. If you’re not afraid to work hard, develop relationships with your dice crew, and stand out among the crowd, make mastering this game a priority as you continue your career in table games.

To learn more about learning how to play or deal craps in Vegas from a professional who’s been there, email me at: changingvegas@gmail.com

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