Our Projects

Changing Vegas is an Indie Game Development and Film Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Our Current Projects include: Asteroid Arena, SuperDealer, and CCG Poker:

Asteroid Arena!

The newest game we’re developing is called Asteroid Arena! It’s a 4-player CCG that will also be a video game and board game, and eventually an app and casino game.

Meet the 8 alien races that will battling for the priceless crystals, located on an asteroid in the most chaotic sector of the Andromeda Galaxy. See the cards and characters being developed, and the process to bring this new game to market.

Asteroid Arena! is being designed as a Las Vegas ESport.

The HyperX ESports Arena at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. [Photo: Susan Beaver Thompson]

To learn more, listen to our Asteroid Arena! videos on YouTube. We’ll be releasing more coverage later this month, and throughout 2021.

SuperDealer School

We created SuperDealer during Covid-19 and launched it in October 2020. SuperDealer is the first professional casino dealing school online. Our first course is poker – taught by Dave Thompson, our CEO.

Now, you can go “From Zero to WSOP Ready!” in a few months. Have fun. Boost your income. And build a new career in the growing gaming industry. All from the comfort of your home, or from the Teachable app on your phone.”

Dave will take you step-by-step, sharing all of the poker knowledge he’s learned from 10 years dealing action in Vegas. With Dave’s help and enough practice, you’ll be able to deal poker anywhere in the world ~ online, on land, or water. (Or, take the course to AMAZE your friends, as you run professional poker games at home!)

To purchase the course, including 90+ videos, drills, a weekly one-hour, student-only Zoom class by Dave, and 1-to-1 audition coaching, visit the SuperDealer School on Teachable.

See Dave’s poker dealing lessons on YouTube.

CCG Poker

Originally dubbed “Rebound Poker,” we created CCG Poker during Covid-19. It’s a 4-player socially-distanced hybrid game that combines the best of CCG gaming with the fun of Texas Hold ‘Em poker.

This new game is sure to be popular with Millennials, who have been playing video games since early childhood. You can learn the rules and watch CCG Poker in action here: https://youtu.be/Upw8Llofv5w

We have developed Executive Summaries and Decks for these projects.

For more information or to collaborate on any of our projects, Email our CMO, Susan Beaver Thompson, at susan -at- changing.vegas