Changing Vegas Rebrands Itself At Stroke of New Decade


Changing Vegas – Groundbreaking Video and Short Film Platform Debuts in Las Vegas – Created By Millennials For Millennials

January 1, 2020, Las Vegas, NV ~ Today, a former high-limit Vegas casino dealer in his prime is launching a startup company in Las Vegas, four years in the making. Led by David Thompson, aka “The Las Vegas Son,” who’s now a professional table games instructor, Changing Vegas is creating original comedy skits and short films, casino dealing and playing tips, Vegas restaurant and entertainment reviews, mobile journalism content, and Vegas business ideas – from a Millennial perspective.

Our new logo captures our weird-funny style and hints about the ups and downs of launching a business in Las Vegas

Changing Vegas is THE Vegas channel for Millennials

The Changing Vegas platform consists of a new YouTube channel, the Changing Vegas website, a Zoom Room, a member-based Patreon site, and later, a Twitch channel. Social media and community-building, including Reddit and Discord, will also play a significant role in introducing the company’s new type of Vegas content to tourists and locals.

A big reason why Millennials aren’t gambling as much as previous generations is because they feel disconnected from the corporate structures of the major players in the casino industry.

As Thompson explains: “In order to stay relevant as a gaming destination, adapting the typical Las Vegas casino business and advertising model to the priorities of newer generations is essential. You have to speak their language. Though it will take some work, this can be done by changing the priorities of the casino floor – and in doing so create a true give-and-take business relationship with younger generations that’s nearly non-existent right now.”

Changing Vegas is about bringing a next-gen attitude to a business that’s always been about connecting with people. The company’s innovative videos, short films, blogs, reviews, interactive social experiences, and business projects will entertain and inform Millennials, while showcasing the city. The best way to lead is by example, so that’s what Changing Vegas is doing. Taking a nod from YouTubers, such as Mr. Beast, Changing Vegas is utilizing a community-based, collaborative business model, valuing people over pure profitability.

Keeping It Real

As Thompson notes: “Millennials don’t care about the sales hype, some car giveaway, or bonus points on a players card. We’ve been bombarded with corporate ads and sales pitches our entire lives, and discount these methods for genuine and engaging relationships and interaction. More or less, Millennials want people to keep it real and keep it fun. That’s what we’re doing with Changing Vegas. Our aim is to entertain, to improve the experience for Las Vegas visitors, to increase the quality of life for workers in the casino industry – and to save the corporate gaming industry from itself.”

Changing Vegas content will appear on these platforms:

YouTube –
Twitch –

Twitter –
Pinterest –
Instagram –
LinkedIn – and

AngelList –
And, via our content partners and alliances.

In addition, Thompson will be developing new games and apps.

For press inquiries and interviews, contact:
Susan Beaver Thompson, CMO & Content Director, Changing Vegas
Mobile: (361) 779-3303 ♦ Email:

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