Asteroid Arena!

As an indie game development + film studio, we’re excited to announce our new video game in development, Asteroid Arena! Designed specifically for ESports competition, Asteroid Arena! is both a board game, as well as a new 4-player, skill-based CCG.

Game Description: Asteroid Arena!

“Hyper Crystals… the most versatile and valuable mineral in the universe. Known for their alchemic, spiritual, and forging capabilities, a single crystal goes for over 1,000,000 units on the galactic market.

1,000,000 units!

A faraway asteroid has aliens from all walks of life flocking there to claim the prize of the hyper crystals – for their own uses and motivations. There’s only one problem… the asteroid is hurdling through deep space in one of the most volatile galaxies in the universe. It’s like walking into a death trap… but it’s worth it for fame, riches, and glory!

This 4-player game in development combines inspiration from various fantasy genres, board games, video games, and strategy card games to create a chaotic and unique gameplay experience for fans of strategy games and CCGs.”

Play Testing Opportunities and Timeline:

In Spring 2021, we began to play test Asteroid Arena! in person at Meppleville Board Game Cafe, located at 4704 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada. View the video here.

August 12-14, 2021, we’ll debut Asteroid Arena! at our booth at the Gameacon Conference in Rancho Mirage, California.

ESports Arena at Black Fire Innovation Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

In Fall 2021, we’ll hold our first Asteroid Arena! Play Testing Tournament in the ESports Arena at Black Fire Innovation Center. It will feature UNLV’s ESports Team. More details to follow.

We’ll schedule other play testing events along the way.

If you’re interested in helping to play test the game, contact its creator, Dave Thompson, at: changingvegas – at –

Let’s have some fun!

To learn more, visit our Asteroid Arena! playlist on YouTube:

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