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Coming Soon: “The Artists Behind The Aliens” Talent Search

Join us as we develop Asteroid Arena! – By Vegas, For Vegas!

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Asteroid Arena! is a new video game being developed in Las Vegas. It’s a 4-player skill-based CCG (collectible card game). It’s specifically designed to be The Official ESport of Las Vegas.

The premise? Super-valuable Hyper Crystals have been found on an asteroid careening through deep space. Space weather wreaks havoc, as eight alien factions land on the asteroid and in a chaotic free-for-all compete to snag the Hyper Crystals. Each alien faction has a different way to win. Who will complete their mission first?

There’s so much talent in Las Vegas! Let’s celebrate it!

The cards for each alien faction will be created by a different Las Vegas artist using their signature art style. Watch for our NFT drop in early Spring 2022, featuring the unique, high-res, sci-fi promotional artwork for all eight factions. As the game is developed, you can collect Asteroid Arena! NFTs and merchandise. The Asteroid Arena! demo will be ready in 2022, with the full game debuting in 2023.

We’re Changing Vegas, the company behind Asteroid Arena!, and a new community-based startup in Southern Nevada. We’re creating the game collaboratively – to benefit our players and to contribute to the economic growth and vitality of the Las Vegas area. All of the art for Asteroid Arena!, as well as the music, fashion design, programming, and other elements, will be created by Las Vegas talent – and celebrated publicly. It’s one giant Collab!

Want to get involved? We’re commissioning work from eight Las Vegas artists soon.

Watch for “Asteroid Arena! – By Vegas, For Vegas” – our Las Vegas Artist Talent Search – a month-long campaign running later this year. “The Artists Behind The Aliens” will be an ongoing content series highlighting each of the artists selected.

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