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SuperDealer Poker Course: Lessons 5 and 6 – Class Notes

Section 1: Dealing Mechanics – Lesson 5: CHEQUE BREAKDOWNS – Cheque Breakdowns refer to HOW you cut the cheques, how many piles there are, how many cheques are in each pile, etc. Breakdowns are very […]

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SuperDealer Poker Course: Lessons 3 and 4 – Class Notes

Section 1: Dealing Mechanics – Lesson 3: SIZING CHEQUES – Sizing is a dealing mechanic you should work on alongside Cutting. Similar to Cutting Cheques in the last lesson, proper Sizing technique is essential to […]

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SuperDealer Poker Course: Lesson 2 – Class Notes

Section 1: Dealing Mechanics – Lesson 2: Cutting Cheques – Refer to Lesson #2 on our YouTube channel for visual aids to help you. Cutting cheques is the first dealing mechanic we are going to […]

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SuperDealer Poker Course: Lesson 1 – Class Notes

Section 1: Dealing Mechanics – Lesson 1: Cheques vs. Chips – Welcome to the first lesson in your SuperDealer Course!  After reading this chapter and watching the accompanying video on our YouTube channel you should be […]

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Changing Vegas Launches SuperDealer Online Casino Dealer School

Are you ready for a new challenge and a new career? Do you want a fun way to make more money? How about amazing your friends with your new skills? Changing Vegas is excited to […]

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Why Card Counting in Vegas is Bullshit

Click bait achieved. First of all, to all of the internet haters out there, yes… you can count cards. I’m not disputing the fact that it’s possible, I was actually on a team for awhile […]

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Conversations on the Blackjack Table: Georges, Cops, and Fleas… Oh My!

I’ve worked in the service industry for about 15 years, and it really is curious how people tend to fall into different mannerisms or categories. If you’ve ever worked in a similar job, you know […]

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What It Takes To Be A Craps Dealer in Vegas

I thought this would be a good time to let aspiring casino dealers know what to expect as a craps dealer in Vegas. My goal is to give you a sense of what it takes […]

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Welcome to the New Changing Vegas Gaming Blog

Hello Everybody, I’m excited to welcome you to the new Changing Vegas “Millennials and Gaming Blog”. My goal is for this blog to be a “one stop shop” for Vegas news and entertainment, from my […]

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