Company Profile

At Changing Vegas, we’re change agents. We’re building The New Vegas.

Changing Vegas is an Indie Game Development and Film Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our tagline is “It’s All About The Games,” because it is.

In order to get people – especially Millennials – to return to Las Vegas, we need new innovative games and social experiences. We need to build a real relationship with locals and visitors alike. This was true before Covid-19, and it’s certainly true now.

Changing Vegas supports local economic development

As a start up, we’re focused on bringing Las Vegas more business through Next-Gen gaming products and entertainment. We use popular social media and live streaming platforms ~ underdeveloped by many corporations in the gaming industry ~ to connect with current and future casino gamers through original, Las Vegas content and new innovative games. We reach Millennials (and younger) by “speaking their language,” being transparent, and keeping it fun. We’re here to “humanize” and “gamify” the casino industry and bring people together.

Our content highlights both the comedy and the tragedy of Las Vegas

It’s often presented from the casino dealer’s personal viewpoint, rather than from a corporate, bean-counter mindset. Our business objective is to show that products (and productions) developed within an online, inclusionary community – fueled by direct feedback and open business practices – will generate greater revenue, more interest in Las Vegas tourism, and a much stronger, younger, and loyal base of influence (than the outdated customer acquisition strategies used in the casino industry today).

With our success, comes a new era in developing customer-centric casino games, attractions, content, and events – and a new “Renaissance of innovation.”

Operating a Community-Based BusinessOur 9 Guiding Principles

  1. We operate with honor; we will not screw over our community members or business partners to make a profit. 
  2. Our priority is to “shock and awe” – to change Vegas through innovation and new ways of thinking.
  3. We believe in collaboration, not competition. We believe in the power of the people and the power of the crowd. We make change through influence, not authority. 
  4. You probably have heard it said: “Never mix business and pleasure.” We disagree. We’re here to make a difference in the lives of others, and to have fun. We’re definitely not afraid to laugh at ourselves!
  5. We’re using #TechForGood. We’re applying the latest technologies to help bring Las Vegas into the modern era, including: streaming video; integrating gaming and social media; augmented reality (AR); interactive casino games; and “blended” events.
  6. Our goal is to “humanize” the gaming industry through video content, mobile apps, and the “gamification” of Vegas. Our content = our advertising. Our content = our revenue streams. We’re taking content marketing to its highest level. 
  7. We aim to bring more business to Las Vegas – now and in the future. We often operate through partnerships. We prioritize hiring talent, services, and vendors in Las Vegas.
  8. We keep our communications focused on what we are for. We do not participate in the blame/shame game. 
  9. We give back to our community – both locally and online – through collaborative projects, gifts, and business opportunities. 

During Covid-19, we started to develop new casino, CCG, and video games, in addition to teaching and reporting about them. Take a look under our Projects page to see what we’re creating now.

Our 5-Year Goal is to open a brand new type of casino in Las Vegas, crowd-funded within our community, and operated based on the needs of the people. Secondly, we want to create and sell an original, Vegas-based comedy series to Netflix (or a similar streaming platform).

And lastly, we want to build a larger studio from where we can film our videos, host our series and productions, and offer tours and events. We may also add a brick-and-mortar SuperDealer school location to the facility, after we grow our current (distance learning) casino dealer training platform.

Changing Vegas Management

Dave Thompson is the CEO of Changing Vegas (see his background here).

The Changing Vegas Team also includes co-founder Susan Beaver Thompson, CMO, who’s in charge of marketing and partnerships. She holds a B.A. in Communications from U.S. Santa Barbara and a Masters in English from Cal State Poly, Ponoma.

Susan’s actively applying her 25+ years of writing, publishing, start up, and business development experience to the new venture. She’s also the publisher of Visionary News, a new mobile journalism (mojo) venture… and one of Changing Vegas’ first partnerships.

In addition, some of our industry friends involved in the initial Changing Vegas comedy skits, videos, and show will be playing a larger role as the company grows. You can read about Susan’s extensive management, startup, and marketing background on her LinkedIn Profile.

We invite YOU to join us on the journey