Founder’s Vision

From Dave Thompson in the Changing Vegas Studio ~

“When people refer to Las Vegas as The Gaming Capital of the World, I want that to mean video gaming as well as casino gaming.” ~ Dave Thompson, CEO, Changing Vegas

This is an exciting time in Las Vegas, as the city is once again reinventing itself – after the pandemic. There’s a new emphasis on social change and technology (especially blockchain & crypto), which means new opportunities for casinos – and game developers like us – to reach new customers.

However, Las Vegas casinos haven’t changed up the games they offer for decades. They still generally view the older generations (primarily Baby Boomers with disposable income) as their primary target market for gaming revenue. This needs to change. In order to stay relevant as a gaming destination, adapting Las Vegas to account for the priorities of newer generations is essential.

The bottom line… We must develop and offer new games for the new generations.

Millennials don’t care about the sales hype, some car giveaway, or bonus points on a player’s card. We’ve been bombarded with ads and sales pitches out entire lives and discount these methods for genuine and engaging relationships and interaction. More or less, we want people to keep it real and keep it fun.

In marketing, communication, and life, you have to meet people where they are.

In order to have Las Vegas continue to be The Gaming Capital of the World, the city itself and the overall gaming experience needs to adapt. Las Vegas establishments must develop a transparent, mutually beneficial relationship – a real online community – with younger generations, something that’s nearly non-existent right now.

My aim is to bring skill-based video gaming onto the casino floor – and integrate crypto in the process. All of our blogs, shows, new games, and projects center around connecting with and entertaining Las Vegas locals and visitors in new ways.

Visit the Asteroid Arena! website for more details on one of our new games.

I am a huge believer in investing in people. Our focus on developing a community of digital professionals in Las Vegas will be a key driver of our success. As we move forward, I’m surrounding myself with people who can help elevate Las Vegas games and content to a new “Golden Age” for Vegas.

My dream is that our enthusiasm and involvement in changing the industry will benefit our city and the gaming industry in countless ways.

Let’s make this dream a reality, together.”

Dave Thompson, “The Las Vegas Son

Founder and CEO, Changing Vegas, LLC