What’s Millennial Gaming? How Are We Changing Vegas?

Changing Vegas makes Millennial gaming and entertainment content. We also create innovative Millennial-based casino games, apps, and training materials.

We aim to change Vegas through our business approach and our innovative gaming projects. We’re changing the way the casino industry thinks about marketing and player development by modeling a different way.

We’re changing the relationship between:

  • players and gaming;
  • players and dealers; and
  • dealers and casinos.

We’re setting the standard for a new generation of casino dealers and elevating the profession in Vegas and across the U.S. Dealers are becoming social influencers, not just employees without much of a say about their career.

Our CEO, David Thompson (aka “The Las Vegas Son,” “SuperDealer”), is the host and Creative Director for our projects. He’s an aspiring actor and filmmaker.

The Principles of Millennial Gaming

Here are the goals that guide us – and the primary ways that Millennial gaming differs from what’s going on now in the Las Vegas casino gaming scene:

  1. We’re speaking the language of the new generations through entertaining content and innovative games. No B.S here. We’re bringing viewers, dealers, and players together. We’re giving viewers the opportunity to participate in the evolution of gaming through new technologies.
  2. We’re connecting Millennials to a larger group and purpose. We’re hooking them up, educating them, and helping their lives.
  3. We’re keeping it real, entertaining and fun. No stale box of cookies here.
  4. We’re creating innovative social interactive experiences – both in person and digitally.
  5. We’re listening to and involving our viewers and members in the creation process. We’re a community-based business focused on enriching the lives of our viewers and fans. We are fair. We do not gouge. And as we evolve, we’ll provide opportunities for others to finance their own ideas, rather than feeling like they’ve lost money just by walking in the door.
David Thompson gets a class of students ready to audition for WSOP 2020. (Photo: Susan Beaver Thompson)

We’re helping to re-create and grow Las Vegas. We’re focusing attention on the highs and the lows of Vegas, the comedy and the tragedy.

Check out this video where aspiring dealers learn about how to calculate side pots: https://youtu.be/vhwsMuEanN0

Las Vegas has re-vitalized and changed many times before. We’re at the helm of the change now – in the very nature of how business is done in Vegas, and in the casino gaming industry itself.

We invite you to join us. Stay tuned on Changing.Vegas for our new gaming experiences and livestreams. We officially launched on Jan. 1, 2020. Here’s our YouTube if you want to check out our content in the meantime: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAwks5jlDL1Y8R48IO9kp0Q

We are helping to keep Vegas vibrant for future generations.

What better place to transform the gaming industry together than right here in Las Vegas, the gaming capital of the world!

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