Changing Vegas Timeline

[Pictured above – Mother and son duo – Dave Thompson, CEO, and Susan Beaver Thompson, CMO, of Changing Vegas, LLC.]

Changing Vegas is an independent Game Development + Film Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. We create innovative Skill-based Games for Millennials – and younger.

At Changing Vegas, “It’s All About The Games”.

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In 2020

  • Amidst Covid-19, Changing Vegas launched SuperDealer, the first professional online casino dealer training school. If you want to learn how to deal poker, this is the training course for you.
  • During this time, Dave also developed the prototype for CCG Poker, a 4-person poker game that combines CCG (collectible card game) and casino table game elements.

In 2021

  • Dave developed Asteroid Arena! – a new skill-based video game that’s poised to become the next ESports sensation. Watch and participate in the process as we take Asteroid Arena! from concept to launch.

In 2022

  • On 2-22-22, we released the first Asteroid Arena! NFT Collection on WAX – and later on Ethereum.
  • In the last few months, we’ve re-worked CCG Poker, renaming it Kings Court. We’ll be taking this game to market in 2022, as well.

Reach out to our CMO, Susan Beaver Thompson, to discuss collabs at: susan – at –