Introducing Crypto Court Poker!!

Our newest skill-based game – Crypto Court Poker – is unlike anything Las Vegas has ever seen. It’s a new type of game for the New Generations.

Originally dubbed “Rebound Poker,” we created the CCG (collectible card game) during Covid-19. It’s a four-player live table game that combines the best of video gaming with the fun of Texas Hold ‘Em. We’re also incorporating NFTs in a seamless way.

Pictured: The upcoming home version of Crypto Court Poker.

In 2022, we’ve re-worked the game and renamed it “Crypto Court Poker” – as we take it to market this year.

Crypto Court Poker is sure to be popular with poker players, as well as Millennials (and younger), who have been playing video games since they were 5 or 6 years old. You can watch early playtesting of the original version of Rebound Poker here:

If you’re interested in a Crypto Court Poker demo, or want to help with play testing, contact us: changingvegas1 – at – We’ll be posting more information and our most recent playtesting videos in early Fall.

Learn more on our Crypto Court Poker page.

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