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 A Letter from your Instructor:

Hey everybody!

I’m Dave Thompson, CEO of Changing Vegas, and a bad ass Las Vegas casino dealer. 

Though I’ve since scaled back to a seasonal casino dealer from full time – it turns out the corporate lifestyle isn’t my cup of tea – I have a great passion for the profession, as well as a compelling vision of the POTENTIAL of casino gaming. Having worked for most major casinos here in Vegas, as well as several years at a training school teaching new casino dealers, I believe that the education and attitude of casino dealers needs to be changed in order to bring back Las Vegas Gaming to the force it once was during the Golden Age of Vegas. 

Here is the video for Lesson #1:

Watch all of our SuperDealer videos on YouTube.

Lesson 2.

Lesson 3.

Lesson 4.

Lesson 5.

Lesson 6.

UPDATE 6/26/22 – In anticipation of the release of our new game – Crypto Court Poker – I’m also posting all of our Texas Hold ‘Em lessons on YouTube this summer: Changing Vegas – YouTube


Some of the topics I make a point to address in my classes are: self confidence; understanding the psychology of the games; how the corporate structure affects the industry; strong communication and conflict management; how to use nonverbal communication and humor to make more tips; and developing mad dealing skillz (yes, that is a z!). These are some of the essential aspects of dealing that are often overlooked in traditional gaming schools. 

My goal with SuperDealer is to make an online course that is accessible, informative, affordable and fun – in order to train future casino dealers and get the industry moving in the right direction. This can be done by making sure the skilled workers that I have trained have their heads in the right place and can make positive changes when they are dealing casino games, or promoted to management positions and are helping to run the joint.

It’s All About The Games!

It’s all about the games, customer experience, and giving people what they want, while protecting yourself and maximizing how much money you take home. 

In a new blog series here on our website, I’m providing you with my class notes on each lesson, as I release the corresponding video on our Changing Vegas YouTube Channel.

Whether you watch the videos only (or also read my class notes), you’re getting a high-level training course I personally developed that you can use to refine your skills and audition for a job in casino gaming.

I’m starting with Poker, because it’s one of the last few dealing jobs where you can keep your own tips, and there’s a huge demand for break-in dealers during the WSOP over the summer for poker.

The average take home pay for dealing a full poker tournament over the summer in Vegas (pre-Covid of course, we’ll see how things shake out over time) is about $10,000 – $15,000 over the course of 2 months. I know a lot of people right now who could use that kind of cash infusion, especially when tons of hard working people were either forced out of their jobs or are considering a lifestyle change after the shit storm that was 2020. 

The SuperDealer videos and accompanying blogs will be released twice a week on our website, so the entire course will be available for free in about a year from now (there’s over 100+ training videos in the full course).

If you’d like individual instruction, a contact on the ground in Las Vegas, online tutoring, or want to accelerate your education, we’re offering the full package on our Teachable Page for $299. Check out the Course here.

I hope you enjoy the classes!

Take care, learn something, stay positive, and have fun!

Happy Super Dealing!

~ Dave Thompson, Founder & Instructor

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