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First Steps: Creating A New CCG

The 3 Most Important Factors in Game Development – With our focus on creating innovative, new video and casino games in 2021, I wanted to take some time and talk about the major considerations when […]

SuperDealer Poker Course: Lesson 2 – Class Notes

Section 1: Dealing Mechanics – Lesson 2: Cutting Cheques – Refer to Lesson #2 on our YouTube channel for visual aids to help you. Cutting cheques is the first dealing mechanic we are going to […]

SuperDealer Poker Course: Lesson 1 – Class Notes

Section 1: Dealing Mechanics – Lesson 1: Cheques vs. Chips – Welcome to the first lesson in your SuperDealer Course!  After reading this chapter and watching the accompanying video on our YouTube channel you should be […]

We’re Creating Asteroid Arena! – A New CCG and App

Here at Changing Vegas, we’re creating ASTEROID ARENA! – Vegas-style! It’s a new CCG that will become the next E-Sports sensation. It will be a board game, a video game, and a casino game. We invite […]

We’re Creating CCG Poker! – A New Millennial Poker Game

During Covid, Dave Thompson developed a new 4-player poker game called “Rebound Poker” that’s fun and socially-distanced at the same time. It’s also known as “CCG Poker!” because it combines the best of CCG gaming […]

Changing Vegas Launches SuperDealer Online Casino Dealer School

Are you ready for a new challenge and a new career? Do you want a fun way to make more money? How about amazing your friends with your new skills? Changing Vegas is excited to […]

Changing Vegas Releases Comedy Video Before ReOpening on June 4

Hey everybody! Here’s second video in our Weird Funny video series. You can tell we created this one during the crazy Coronavirus lockdown in Las Vegas! #AloneTogether is such a depressing Covid hashtag. Join us […]

Presenting Episode #1 of “The Great Las Vegas Beer & Cocktail Tour”

Hey everybody! The Las Vegas Son is your host as we present our search for the best spots for drinking awesome, affordable beer in Las Vegas! From Summerlin, to the Industrial District, to Downtown Las […]

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